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Tartaria font

Tartaria font

Tartaria font
.OTF | multilingual | cyrillic | 2018 | prew | 10 MB

The font is devoted to the historical past of the peoples of Europe, which today is hidden, but which can not be lost forever, because it lives in the genetic memory and hearts of people.
Beautiful font in the historical traditions of 17-19 centuries. Elegant, luxurious, sweet.
Some forms and combinations of forms are not always ordinary, but always interesting and exciting.
- Letters for all Latin alphabets
- Letters for all Slavic alphabets
- Ligatures. All standard (ff, fi, fj, etc.) as well as fb, fk, tt, ft
- Stylistic alternates a, y, g
- Ordinals
- Fractions
- Historical forms of letters s, я
- Historical ligatures ss, si, st
- Historical Slavic letters
- Lowercase alternates for ж, к, я, ect.
- National ligatures: German ss, Icelandic and French ae, oe, Dutch ij
- Uppercase German SS (Eszett Große)
- Currencies: dollar, ruble, euro, pound, cent, yen
and more...

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